• ICAR Platinum
  • ICAR Aluminum Repair Certified
  • ICAR Aluminum Welding Certified
  • ICAR Steel Welding Certified
  • AMI Continuing Education
  • BASF Certified Refinishing System
  • GM/Ford/Chrysler/Other Vehicle Manufacturer
  • ADP Training


Our state of the art equipment consists of laser measuring system, 2 frame racks, resistant welder, mig welder, completely computerized paint mixing system and GFS downdraft bake booth.

Estimating: ADP
Management System: Stellix
Technical Data Systems: Audatex
Paint: Onyx Water Base
Color Management System: BASF SmartTrak
Paint Booth: Global Finishing Solutions Eco Expert
Frame Equipment: Kansas Jack Magna Rack, Auto Robot
Lifts: Drive on hoist
Welding Equipment: Lincoln Mig Welders, Miller Tig welder
Measuring System: Chief Velocity Electronic Measuring System


Square Footage: 10,000 sq ft
Production Area: 9,800 sq ft
Reception Area: 400 sq ft
Office & Administrative Area: 600 sq ft
Customer Parking: 32 Stalls
Number of work bays: 20
Customer Waiting Area: New comfortable waiting area including TV, magazines, leather seating area.  Clean and well lit.

Core Values

  • We will always treat you with respect
  • We will always provide a safe, quality repair
  • We will always perform every operation listed on the repair order
  • We will always act in the best interest of our environment
  • We will always operate as a responsible corporate citizen in our community